After Sale Service |

After sales service down to 24 hours response time in europe.

After sales service as part of the rewarding relationship

The service level is orientated towards the requirements of the customer and is thereby tuned to our experience with each individual customer. It is adjusted throughout the relationship when designing and developing the prototype line and throughout the after sales period where needed – be that:

  • A service contract
  • Down to 24 hours response time
  • Recommended spare part list/stock
  • Specific tool sets
  • Short reaction time in spare parts supplies

Our ability to add services that match customer needs is embedded in the way we work with customers, from the sales process to the final handover of the project – and importantly the after sales relationship in terms of service and a continuous transfer of know how.

Relevant and timely service reduces the risk of down time, product faults and gives you control of machine/line maintenance.