Complete production and packaging lines for medical products

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Modular machine concepts guarantee optimum production line flexibility. We are specialized in customized solutions, thus enabling our customers to market products with unique properties and to profit from optimized value creation.

Working together with process engineers and users alike, we design and implement innovative manufacturing processes by integrating technologies such as ultrasonic perforation, HF technology and nano dosing.

Typical medical applications could be

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  • Advanced woundcare
  • Medical strip technologies
  • Transdermal delivery systems

Solutions integrating management, engineering and development support

Even the best product ideas do not provide a benefit to your customers if the machines do not support implementation.


  • Realize goals for improved production methodologies, efficiency increases, or alignment with ERP or MES systems
  • Progress your operations management away from the trodden path of existing paradigms
  • Achieve operational targets in cost and risk reduction, productivity increase, and reliability
  • Secure confidentiality for 3Ps – projects, products, processes
  • Complete entire qualification and validation work and conform with regulatory requirements, e.g. cGMP or FDA guidelines, and CFR Part 11


  • Translate unique production processes into customized machines
  • Gain machining solutions when pure machine standards do not suffice
  • Put your products in the center of the engineering process, relying on indepth knowledge about material characteristics
  • Use unique competencies in precision applications and integrative skills
  • Incorporate high tech components – from nanodispensing to complex inspection modules – and make them function smoothly

Development support

  • Bridge the interface between R&D and engineering for development projects
  • Prepare for future production requirements
  • Scout excellent machine components with state of the art technology and best-in class performance
  • Think out of the box to develop optimal machine specifications
  • Implement flexible components to be used or reconfigured for new applications
  • Reassess and change your production environment
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Experience exellence for life sciences

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In-line inspection integration with a turntable component.

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Product sheets are carefully aligned to achieve minimum waste in the following production processes.

In-line product stretching |

The product must be hauled off the reel resulting in product stretching. This stretch must be allowed to relax prior to lamination” (customer specification).

Validated sealing process |

Introducing a sealing process with guaranteed constant sealing results that can be validated independent of the machine speed.

In-line product transportation | www.

Special material, shape and form – We know the best way to transport your product. Continuous, intermitted or piece by piece.

In-line piezo valves |

Piezo valves deliver their continuous precision spotting in nanoliter ranges through a smart continuous pressurizing system.

in-line cross cutting module |

A precise cross cutting module quickly finishes the packaging process.

Easy operator control |

Our equipment provide easy operator control by creating full visibility and accessibility to key process steps. Smoth interaction of product forming and product sealing components allow production to be speed optimized.