Ultrasonic coating systems for any application

For any application requiring precise, controllable spray of a liquid, Sono-Tek ultrasonic nozzles offer reliable, repeatable performance. We can provide a wide range of properly interfaced liquid delivery systems. The Broadband Ultrasonic Generator delivers the high frequency electrical energy required to operate all Sono-Tek ultrasonic atomizing nozzles.

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Medical Device Coatings

Uniform ultra-thin film coatings onto stents, catheters, balloons, endoscopic instruments, pacemakers, heart valves, glucose monitors, sensors, medical textiles, blood collection tubes, surgical implants, orthopedic implants, and diagnostic devices.

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Vortex™ Nozzle

The Vortex ultrasonic spray nozzle produces a wide, stable spray pattern. An ideal coating system when extremely low flow rates are required.

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WideTrack™ System

A soft, uniform and highly-controllable spray system with non-clogging untrasonic nozzle, that covers up to 24″ with one nozzle or use multible nozzles to cover any width substrate.

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Impact EDGE™ System

An ultrasonic coating system with high-velocity spray that is easily controlled resulting in minimal bounceback and overspray.

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MediCoat is a specialized system for arterial stent coating – a turn-key benchtop solution for the laboratory.

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Antimicrobial Widetrack™

This system creates a wide, uniform, thin film coating with antimicrobial agents onto a wide variety of surfaces within the medico industry.

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Ultrasonic Balloon Catheter Coating System

An advanced system for applying uniform coatings of anti-restinosis drugs, hydrophilic solutions, anti-coagulents, Paclitaxel or other advanced drug delivery applications for PCTA angioplasty balloon catheters or other in vivo balloon devices.

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MicroMist™ Nozzle

The MicroMist system produces a very fine and focused beam of spray drops for ultrasonic accuracy and precise coating.

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AccuMist™ Nozzle

An ultrasonic deposition system that allows complete control of spray width in range of 0.070 – 0.250 inches (1.778 – 6.35 mm) or 0.25 – 0.75 inches (6.35 – 19.05 mm). Adapts easily to robotic control.

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