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ImmuCoat modular and scalable immunoassay production lines

Our machine to coat micro plates is modular. Modularity implies that the machine can grow with your production requirements.

Companies with a rather small throughput can start with a base module and can expand and reconfigure it later to a fully automated production plant with industrial standards.

The aim has been to develop a line that is flexible according to the production requirements. The purpose has been to achieve a high level of automation through improved process reliability and operator friendliness.

A key requirement has been to deliver a guarantee of performance quality, while increasing productivity – and maintaining product safety of sensitive biologics.

Plug & play modularity for efficiency

Optima Life Science has put great emphasis on operator-friendly handling characteristics. This can be experienced by the advantage that the lines can be operated by one person, also for large batch sizes.

Minimizing waste is a key element in the structure of the lines. This applies to the hands-on time of your employees, the space requirements for the machine, the annoying loss of material as caused by product rejects or clearance volume.

The Immunoassay lines are built in a modular structure with an intuitive plug-and-play connection to each process station. This makes the line scalable, starting with a 6-base station or a 12-base station. Other specialised modules could be an incubator or a pouch fill-seal station.

A customer could start out with a standard 6 base-station, using own incubator and later on add other stations to the line. This reduces capital spending up front and increases automation over time. The line can be monitored from the service department at Optima – 24/7.

ImmuCoat production modules

  • Base Stations
  • Stacking Unit
  • Stacking Conveyor
  • Pressing Unit
  • Single Channel 8 Dosing Unit
  • Manifold 8 Dosing Unit
  • Manifold 96 Dosing Unit
  • Aspiration Unit
  • Washing Unit
  • Vacuum Unit
  • Fill Level Verification
  • Electrostatic Discharge
  • Printing Unit
  • Labeling Unit
  • Incubator
  • Pouching
ImmuCoat production line |

Benefits of the ImmuCoat system

  • Modularity
  • Scalability
  • Remote maintenance possible
  • Spare parts quickly available
  • Machines are provided with standard guidelines (e.g. CE)
  • Based on electricity, no pneumatics
  • Modern software tools available & modern control system (B&R)

Boel Nordic offers standard and custommade immunoassay production lines.

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