Medipack ZSM40 puching machine |

The cylinder punch machine Type ZSM 40 efficiently punches out packages or foils using an economical steel rule die.

Tip for use:
Don’t process the blisters singly, but in sheets of multiples!

First the sheet of multiples is sealed in a heat-sealing machine, and then (also outside the clean room) punched out by this cylinder punch machine. This ingenious but very simple system makes it possible to efficiently package small items in large numbers, and save costs. The result is perfect packages!

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The MEDIPACK ZSM 40 cylinder punch machine

The package, consisting of punching die, product to separate and punch counterpiece, is pushed between the driven punching cylinders and through the machine and punched out. The empty punching knife (without counterplate) is pushed back through the passage and loaded again.

It is also possible to carry out the next punching process from the other side by changing the feed direction. For safety reasons, the operating knobs for switching the feed direction are located on the side of the machine.

The punching cylinders are fully covered and equipped with movable safety flaps which automatically change the rotational direction of both punching cylinders, as soon as a foreign object is caught between the punch package and the top cylinder.

The throughput height for the sorting product is infinitely adjustable up to 85 mm using threaded spindles. We are happy to provide other throughput heights on request.

  • Max. passage width 400 mm
  • Max. passage height 85 mm
  • Available work area 375 x 625 mm (left and right)
  • Punching cylinder – Ø 80 mm
  • Overall length 1000 mm
  • Total width 625 mm
  • Overall height 535 mm
  • Weight without tools 180 kg
  • Power consumption 0.55kW
  • Power supply 3×400 V / 230 V 50 Hz AC