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KOCH turntable machine KDT high capacity tray sealer

State-of-the-art machine technology for the packaging of small to medium-sized batches – the Turntable Machine KDT fits the bill: low initial outlay, reasonably priced format parts, economical energy consumption, and a well-conceived machine concept. The KDT has a turntable with four sealing tools, a backing card placer, a sealing unit for thermal sealing as well as a product remover.

Extension options

An additional card placer system allows the automatic feeding of diff erent pack parts such as blister blanks for cardboard mono-materials or front cards for trapped blisters. Optional components for high-frequency or ultrasonic sealing are available for the processing of different packaging materials.

Technical data

  • Blister depth: 70 mm
  • Sealing format: 250 x 360 mm
  • Sealing force: 16 kN
  • Tool height: 50 or 70 mm
  • Output: Sealing / sealing with front card placer:
  • 10-12 cycles / min.


  • Low capital costs
  • Reasonably priced format parts and fast format changeovers
  • Small footprint and low energy consumption
  • IPC control system with touchscreen, optional modem
  • connection for remote diagnosis
  • Mobile as fitted with lockable casters
KOCH KDT turntable sealer | www.boelnordic.com
KOCH KBS-PO blister machine | www.boelnordic.com

KOCH Blister Machine KBS-PO with oval pallet transport

Blister Machine KBS-PO for fully automated end-to-end blister forming and sealing is based on a well-conceived machine concept for the reliable, productive and cost-optimized packaging of small to medium sized batches. The machine operates with utmost precision at a speed of up to 14 cycles per minute.

The large format area and the generous forming depth permit the packaging of bulkier products. Special feature of the KBS-PO is the oval pallet transport. The integrated, space saving pallet section is easily accessible and can be conveniently loaded by several persons.

The tool-free exchange of the sealing tools and fast format changeovers guarantee maximum flexibility of the KBS-PO. This cuts time and costs thus ensuring cost-effi cient packaging even for small-sized batches.

Technical data

  • Blister depth: max. 100 mm
  • Forming area: 200 x 300 mm
  • Sealing format: 250 x 342 mm
  • Output: 14 cycles / min., depending on forming material, blister shape / size and sealing duration


  • Flexible machine concept for the efficient packaging of different formats
  • Low capital costs
  • Tool-free retooling and quick format changeovers
  • Compact machine design with small footprint and oval pallet transport
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