Clean room heat-sealing machines

Simple, space efficient and validated tray sealing units, that also can be customized to high capacity solutions.

Compact tray sealing machines for all your medical packaging

The MEDIPACKER TS series is a range of universal heat-sealing machines with highest control comfort to sealing preformed Trays (Blister) with die-cut lids made of Tyvek, medical paper or compound foil.

The machines range from standard table top models to fully automated lines with high volume through put. All machines are certified to ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 13485:2003.

  • MEDIPACKER TS 3535: Seal surface 350 x 350 mm – max. depth of Blister 105 mm
  • MEDIPACKER TS 5035: Seal surface 350 x 500 mm – max. depth of Blister 105 mm
  • MEDIPACKER TS 7035: Seal surface 350 x 700 mm – max. depth of Blister 135 mm
  • MEDIPACKER TS 5035F: Seal surface 500 x 350 mm – max. depth of Blister 82 mm – with foil roll
  • MEDIPACKER GTS 5030: Seal surface 500 x 300 mm – max. depth of Blister 95 mm – with gas tray sealer

Packaging Validation

The design of the proposed packaging is influenced by a variety of factors: for example, by the specific type of medical product and sterilisation method, the intended use and the expiry date or transport method.

Medical products and their packaging systems cannot be approved until their safety, suitability and capabilities have been certified. A qualified heat sealing machine with sealing tool is a fundamental prerequisite for packaging validation.

In cooperation with an external laboratory, we are able to assist our customers with packaging validation to ensure compliance with the wide range of normative and legal requirements.

The machines have a compact and durable design, have been specially developed for the medical device industry and can be used in clean room areas.

The three process parameters seal time, pressure and temperature are regulated within a tight tolerance, so that high-quality packaging is achieved.

The MEDIPACKER TS is qualified in accordance with the requirements of FDA and GMP (DQ / IQ / OQ / PQ).

Innovation and flexibility are important to us. With Medipacks development department, mould-making lines and validation specialists, we have the necessary prerequisites at our disposal to bring your product quickly and reliably to market.


This is the standard model of the MEDIPACKER family, and is available in three sizes, with a sealing area ranging from 350 x 350 mm to 700 x 350 mm. These models are complemented by a variety of interesting options, such as an automatic drawer drive, for example.  Download brochure.


The distinguishing feature of the MEDIPACKER TS F is its ability to process sealing lids directly from a roll. This means the sealing lids don’t have to be manually placed in position. As option the system can be equipped with a printer so that sealing lids can be produced with an individual design (batch-specific printing). This saves you labelling work later on.  Download brochure.


The MEDIPACKER GTS allows you to seal preformed blisters and pouches in a protective atmosphere. The extremely compact vacuum chamber means that gas consumption is reduced to a minimum. Changing tools couldn’t be simpler, because there aren’t any electric or pneumatic connections.  Download brochure.