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Eight-sided multi-talent: flexible in terms of material, format, batch size. KOCH blister machine KBS-PT with forming material feeder, forming station, sealing station and octagonal pallet transport.

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KOCH blister machine KBS-PT with octagonal pallet transport

High capacity thermoforming with fast format changeovers, high packaging capacity and flexibility for the processing of diverse formats and materials: these are the criteria on which the blister machine KBS-PT concept is based. The great flexibility of the KBS-PT is attributed to two factors: quick replacement of the sealing pallets. And, a key aspect for the cost-efficient packaging of small batches, only individual format parts, and not the complete set, have to be exchanged for a format change over.

The distinctive technical feature is the octagonal pallet transport. The machine is very compact, easily accessible, and allows straightforward loading. The addition of other stations and components is possible at all times – forming a complete KOCH packaging line at a later stage.

Technical data

  • Forming area: 250 x 500 mm
  • Forming depth: 67 mm
  • Sealing format: 320 x 600 mm
  • Output: 14 cycles / min., depending on the forming material, blister shape, blister size and sealing duration

Benefits of KBS-PT

  • Flexible machine concept for the efficient packaging of alternating formats
  • Cost-efficient packaging even of small batches as few format parts need changing
  • Compact machine design with octagonal, easily accessible pallet transport
KOCH blister forming station | www.boelnordic.com

Blister thermo forming station with longitudinal cutters to separate blisters.

KOCH blister bachine KBS-PL | www.boelnordic.com

Time-tested technology: with a high number of cycles for large batches. Blister Machine KBS-PL for highly efficient packaging with proven technology for blisters made of PVC, PET or other rigid plastics.

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KOCH blister machine KBS-PL with linear pallet transport

Maintaining maximum productivity in the packaging of large batches of the same or similar products with consistent processing of all standard rigid forming materials is a matter of course for the blister machine KBS-PL with linear pallet transport.

Technical features of the KBS-PL include the large format area – suitable for large-format, stand-up blisters or hanging blisters with a standard hanger hole – as well as the pallet section, which can be served manually or by a robot handling system. The user-friendly, clear-cut design allows full control of production at all times.

Technical data

  • Forming area: 250 x 500 mm
  • Forming depth: 67 mm
  • Sealing format: 238 x 580 mm
  • Output: 20 cycles / min., depending on the forming material, blister shape, blister size and sealing duration

Benefits of KBS-PL

  • Modular line concept with numerous integration and extension options
  • Very high cycle rate
  • Clear-cut, robust machine design
  • For the forming and sealing of clamshells: line combination KB-KF plus KS-PL
KOCH KBS-PL thermal station | www.boelnordic.com

Thermal sealing station of the Blister Machine KBS-PL.

KOCH KBS-KF blister machine | www.boelnordic.com

Functional reliability: for large formats and different forming materials. Standard model of the KBS-KF with lid material from the roll.

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Guaranteed process quality – from a single source

Each and every KOCH packaging line is the tangible result of a process to which we apply our extensive know-how at all stages. Concept and feasibility studies are as equally important as assistance in developing the pack design.

Included are documentation, validation and all support services that guarantee the smooth operation of your KOCH packaging line: for maximum long-term productivity for every application.

KOCH blister machine KBS-KF with chain conveyor

Whether blisters made out of flexible film or eco-friendly, mono-material PET with an inserted card; whether sealed as a clamshell or a blister with lid material from the roll to allow easy product removal and reclosure: the blister machine KBS-KF ensures high output for a wide variety of products.

The large forming and sealing format as well as a maximum forming depth of 70 mm permit the processing of bulky products as well as multipart sets. The sealing technology is selected in accordance with the respective material, e.g. PE, PET, PVC, PLA, Tyvek® or aluminum. The KBS-KF is fitted with a smooth-running, robust chain conveyor, which ensures reliable, accurate product transfer from station to station as well as maximum machine uptime.

Fitted as medplus version

Options for the packaging of medical products make the blister machine KBS-KF suitable for cleanroom applications.

To ensure one hundred percent quality control and compliance with specifications governing the safety of pharmaceutical and medical products, the machine can be fitted with inspection systems at all relevant positions of the packaging process.

Similarly, the integration of a suitable printing system permits traceable identify cation in compliance with current tracking and tracing legislation.

Technical data

  • Forming area:
    500 x 300 mm
    300 x 300 mm
    150 x 300 mm
  • Forming depth:
    70 mm
  • Sealing format:
    500 x 300 mm
    300 x 300 mm
    150 x 300 mm
  • Output: 30 cycles / min., depending on the forming material, blister shape, blister size and sealing duration
KOCH service partner | www.boelnordic.com

As your partner, we assume responsibility for the entire project and off er a turnkey service from a single source.

Benefits of KBS-KF

  • Very high cycle rate
  • Processing of all standard types of forming material
  • Low-cost format parts, no pallets or tool carriers required
  • Fast format changeovers
  • For the forming and sealing of clamshells: line combination KB-KF plus KS-PL
KOCH chain transport | www.boelnordic.com

Chain transport of the blister machine KBS-KF with a punch station for standard hanger holes.