Its small size and versatile layout means that it can be configured to your need and requirements.

 Download Shawpak Compact Thermoforming brochure.

Shawpak offers a simple thermoforming solution to your packaging

Unique attributes of the Shawpak machine

  • Cost, energy and material efficient
  • Data logged control
  • Output cycle speed up to 25 per minute
  • Total tool change of approximately 15 minutes

The Forming Drum – the heart of the machine

The heart of the machine is a servo driven indexing drum which transports the webs through the machine.

The drum is surrounded by forming, sealing and cutting stations. The product is loaded in to the top of the tooling drum and ejected out of the base onto a discharge conveyor. This means no gripper chains and no trim, which means less maintenance, contamination and down-time.


 The drum houses the forming cavities. These can be as simple as a basic rectangle through to a contoured 3D surface to match the product to be packed.

The process simplified

The Shawpak Compact Thermoforming machine SP-32-20 |
  1. Base web unwind: The shawpak can handle 50 micron flexible films to 800 micron semi rigids. Lateral position can be adjusted in 0.1mm increments.
  2. Film forming station: Temperature, vacuum and compressed air are used to generate the perfect forming conditions for the film being processed leading to high quality formings with minimal cosmetic witness marks
  3. Product loading station: Simple manual loading can take place from a workstation right the way through to full integration into an automated production cell.
  4. Top web unwind: Tension is controlled in order to register preprinted web material into position.
  5. Sealing station: At the seal station the seal plate will operate to pre-defned time and pressure settings.
  6. Cutting: You can choose from Crush Cut, Flying Knife Plunge Cut, Perforation, Die Cutting and Rotary Disc Cutting.
  7. Outfeed station: Vacuum suckers will ensure the product is removed from the cavity under controlled conditions.