Benefits of VeriPac inspections systems

  • Non-destructive and non-invasive
  • No sample preparation
  • ASTM approved test method
  • FDA Recognized Consensus Standard #014; Item 168
  • Allows for increased sampling
  • Quantitative results
  • Repeatable
  • Rapid test time
  • Eliminates cost and waste of destructive testing
  • Test results can be easily validated
  • SPC laboratory testing or online applications

Container closure inspection systems

VeriPac 455 leak testing system is designed for highly sensitive leak testing of both gas and liquid filled rigid containers, for the most accurate and robust CCIT testing needs.

The system operates at high vacuum levels, vaporizing liquid leaks, while monitoring the vacuum decay within the test chamber.

It replaces many subjective, unreliable, and costly test methods, and is a simple solution that is fast, effective, and accurate.

VeriPac 455 closure inspection system |

VeriPac 455

  • Measures seal integrity of entire container or package
  • Measures and verifies container closure system integrity
  • Tests for gas leaks for dry products (lyophilized vials, powder filled)
  • Tests for liquid leaks (liquid filled vials, pre-filled syringes)
  • Non-destructive, non-invasive, no sample preparation
  • Defect detection down to 0.05 ccm
  • Highest level of sensitivity, repeatability and accuracy
  • Results proven superior to dye ingress
  • Supports sustainable packaging initiatives due to zero waste
  • ASTM test method and FDA standard