Together with our customer we develop unique process equipment which is adapted to the specific product

Boel Nordic offers state of the art process equipment to customers that require unique solutions, that match their specialized product. Our customers primarily come from the pharmaceutical, medical devices and technical industries. We supply equipment covering filling, sorting, assembling, packaging and printing. In addition we manufacture highly specialized machines and delivery solutions beyond our standard areas of expertise, as mentioned above.

Making your processes more profitable

Together with customers we are able to analyze and advice on the basis of current procedures or with the specifications surrounding the specific product. With this background our task is to deliver an innovative solution that takes into account the overall cost issues, while maintaining product and production safety.

The decision making process can be based on the assumptions and the subsequent calculations together with machine drawings. The outcome should be a comprehensive understanding of the capacity of the process solution in terms of the machine and the handling of the machine.

To better service customers we offer services before and after sales. We can offer you consultancy, we can perform test packaging of initial products at our facilities, we can offer service agreements and we can offer validation of the supplied equipment.

The broad base of technical know how

With our broad international experience, we are capable of approaching most issues that our customers anticipate. We are used to working with the task from a technical as well as a practical angle. Our experience gives us a clear understanding of what has been tried and proven and as importantly, what maintains a simple process – helping ensure production safety.

Should you like to give us a head start in helping you to achieve an innovative solution, please contact us and you will hear from us shortly.